Wednesday, March 5, 2008

End Of Days

I've been busy...that's why I haven't been writing.School's driving me crazy, work is driving me crazy and then this happens!!! Where's the love?

Sigh...yesterday I woke up and things did not feel right. It wasn't like most mornings; the sun hid behind a darkened sky and the wind howled through the streets. I felt unsettled for no apparent reason and the day limped on as though wounded by the hunter's arrow. It wasn't until later that evening the mystery of my melancholy mood had been solved...

Bret "Best-Damn-Quarterback-EVER...Period!" Favre had announced his retirement from the gridirion. In my deepest recesses I felt this on the horizon and was prepared to accept it, still hurts, but time heals all wounds. No matter how deep.

Godspeed...king of all Cheeseheads. To all 2 of my readers I'll get back to more serious and enlightened content when I get a breather...Ciao - KF

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Can Use the Internet for WHAT?!

I recently took a class on visual media and technology and how we as social scientists and public health professionals can use media for health promotion and education. For those who don't know I'm currently pursuing my Master of Public Health degree and I'm very interested in using tools such as social networking, video sites like YouTube and the Internet in general to promote healthy living.

One of the assignments for the class was to develop an original video on a health topic or some public health concern. Last night I finally finished mine and uploaded it to YouTube (a requirement). I wanted to share it and hopefully get some feedback.

A few things: 1. This is my first video editing experience...ever, 2. The class was only a week so couldn't fine tune like I wanted to, 3. I wish I had better camera skills and thus better footage, and 3. I'm a perfectionist so I have to explain my shortcomings before getting to the point...

ciao - KF

Oh, that's not me in the beginning either. That's Nick Freudenberg, DrPH, Distinguished Professor in Urban Public Health. I forgot to add the caption. :(

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Congratulation NFC Champion GIANTS

This took me a while, but hats off to the GIANTS. They gave us a good game. On to the Superbowl where I hope and pray they beat the Patriots. That's all sports fans.


Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm on the subway going to work a few days ago and I look at the NY Times Health headlines on my phone (cause I'm so tech savvy) and there's one that reads...

"F.D.A. Says Food From Cloned Animals Is Safe".

My jaw drops and I immediately pick it up and rub Purell all over it 'cause the subways are filthy...anyway - I'm in total disbelief. I guess in the back of my mind I saw it coming. I mean Dolly, the first clone, was a sign of things to come, but I wouldn't think they'd turn around and feed her to us.

If you get a chance read the article (New York Times article) and tell me your thoughts on it. In the meantime I'm trying to figure out the best way to go vegetarian before they start putting this stuff out on the shelves because as I understand it...they may not have to label it as coming from a cloned animal...WHAT?! This can't be true. Right?

They label things "organic" so why not "cloned". If that is in fact true I'll be making the switch to organic or become a stinking vegetarian! Which means I'd either be skinny and broke since organic prices will go higher than they already are or I'll be skinny, hungry and broke with the vegetarian option. I know, I know its irrational to think that way and no offense...its the anger inside me. I'm not discriminating against vegetarians. I have a lot of friends who live that way, lol. I just love meat and to take that away...well, violence has to stem from somewhere.

ciao - KF

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Hampshire, Shmoo Hampshire

What do they know anyway right? Tree huggin' yokels...I'm just kidding. I'm a little bothered 'cause I can't sleep and have a long day tomorrow. I wanted to come home, watch the results of the election and write about it, ask people who read this brand spanking new blog how they felt; instead I'm sitting up waiting for the Sandman to deliver the goods. Might as well watch the Golden Girls get their groove on. More tomorrow or the next day and I'll try to keep it a bit more interesting. "Thank you for being a friend..."

Ciao - KF

Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama Wins Iowa

Now I don’t know much, but maybe you can help me out. Did you see what happened last night in Iowa? I hope you did because that’s one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in a long time; and the beauty of it is the New Year started 4 days ago!! Four days. I’m just excited to see what happens this year with the election, the whole subprime mortgage issue, Iraq, Musharraf and Pakistan, Putin and the USSR, I mean former USSR (or Russia, whatever you like)…THE SUPERBOWL!!! Not that the Superbowl is more important than the Presidential election or any others that I’ve mentioned, but I kind of want to see what happens with Favre and Greenbay…that’s right, Favre and Greenbay.

All I know is that its shaping up to be a crazy year and I have to admit for the first time I’m tuned all the way in. Maybe because this year I’ll be the big 3-0, but that’s for another time.

Oh, One more thing regarding the election…Mitt Romney. I don’t know if you’ve been following the election, but he was a big deal. For what? I’m honestly not sure. Seriously. I saw him on TV a lot and he said some stuff, but all I seem to think of when people say Mitt Romney is that he was Mormon. I’m sorry that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Anyway, last night on Larry King his son gets interview and the camera’s shot was pretty bad. I never really pay attention to these things, but my roommate works in advertising so I pick up a few things. Look at the way they lined up Josh Romney’s head with the gigantic MITT sign in the back. It makes it look like his Pop’s name is MOTT. But where could they really put his head. At the end…MITTO, between the T’s…MITOT (I think that’s a stage of human development), in the front…OMITT…there’s a thought.

Ciao! -KF